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This is Ephraim’s site, but I’d better introduce myself: Susan Lee Kerr. I’ve just completed years of researching and writing the life of this astonishing, I dare say incorrigible, man — more about him elsewhere. About me: I guess I inherited Ephraim’s moveable roots, as did many of his descendants… do visit the Ephraim’s People page — you might be one yourself.

Meanwhile, about me:  I was conceived in Australia, born in West Virginia, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Gettysburg College, a Mademoiselle magazine Guest Editor and a New Yorker until half my lifetime ago I struck new roots in England. My father was a journalist in the USA (Ephraim was too), and I just had to be a writer when I grew up. After being a copywriter in New York City and then London, I grew into freelance magazine feature writing. And then I grew on more and wrote two self-help books (parenting; health-and-beauty) published by Hodder.

I branched out, too, and shared the joy of writing by teaching it. And then shared that joy in my book Creative Writing: the Quick Matrix, selected exercises and ideas for teachers. Click here for it, and the original paperback too. Besides novels, and coaching writers to get them through their own books, I also write haiku. That’s the not-always-17-syllables, usually 3 lines of the Japanese poetic form that captures a fleeting, meaningful moment and makes you, the reader, feel you are there. I’m active on the committee of the British Haiku Society.

Susan Lee Kerr

Susan Lee Kerr

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