How to start in this amazing,

…thriving, bustling city? With a tour by Uncle Jacob, of course… he halted at the corner of Canal and Broadway which was indeed broad — but unpaved, just like a rutted country road. DSCN2097The Yiddish, German and Russian of their neighbourhood had given way to raw Yankee English, and to horse traffic shouts and rumbles, the hawking and spitting of men, the barking of dogs. Ephraim translated the signs on the buildings: College of Health, Watches and Clocks… his spirits rose with the energy of it all: work, America, freedom!

But of course there was no Statue of Liberty to greet Ephraim when he arrived in New York New York (Chapter 5) in 1850. This was a raw, growing city, where Fifth Avenue stretched up only as far as 23rd Street. Surely he would easily find work… or would he?

A ticket to Ephraim’s world

Fasten your seatbelts… oh, but there were no seatbelts in 1850. So, hi there from Ephraim’s author and great granddaughter (one of many, but the only one I know of who’s tracked his life and turned it into a novel). This is the first post for Ephraim’s site… you’ll see I’ve begun pages where we can travel where he did:  from Belarus to Kansas, from Saloniki (as he called it) to West Virginia and more, much more.

And another part where followers of Ephraim can see photos of him, his family and maybe meet up with Ephraim’s seed right here in the 21st century. And of course there’s the story page, a sketch of what he’s all about.

Pardon me while this blogsite is building, more bells and whistles will appear. I’m braving new territory as this astonishing illustrious ancestor did regularly. Speaking of travels and adventures, which I was only slant-wise, I won’t be back for a month — going on my own travels. But do watch this space as the historical novel about Ephraim M Epstein is in production countdown… 104 days till it is ready for the world. And here in this place we can have some fun exploring his world. Just think, he spoke seven languages…