Ephraim’s siblings

Meet Pauline Epstein Wengeroff (1833-1916), one of Ephraim’s younger sisters. He had nine or ten siblings and was especially close to Kathy (Catherine Sack, anyone have a picture of her?). Pauline’s book, shown here in the translation by Shulamit Magnus, Stanford University Press, is wonderfully readable, rich in lively detail. In 2010 in the USA it won a National Jewish Book Award. First published in Germany in 1908 Memoiren einer Grossmutter was a big success. Pauline’s information has greatly helped my story of The Extraordinary Dr Epstein. A 2000 translation by Henny Wenkart, Rememberings, University Press of Maryland, combines both volumes of Pauline’s book, and includes the only photograph of the young Ephraim that I have found.

Pauline Epstein Wengeroff 'Memoirs of a Grandmother' - tr Shulamit Magnus

Pauline Epstein Wengeroff

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