Bridget Osborne, Stephanie Zia, Susan Lee Kerr

Chiswick Calendar Editor Bridget Osborne, Stephanie Zia, Susan Lee Kerr

2 thoughts on “Bridget Osborne, Stephanie Zia, Susan Lee Kerr

  1. Dear Susan……,

    I am so awfully sorry to have taken such a long… long… time before answering your nice letter, all the more since it was a real pleasure to read you, and to discover this way to a whole New-World. Last year has been very tough for me ; I hope you can understand it and excuse me.

    So it took me longer than I had imagined to advance my research.

    Thanks to the information you sent me, I adapted and extended the family trees of the Epstein’s original branch, adding some data about your – as well as my – family.  You’ll find the result attached to this email. I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes, but in any case, feel free to send me any kind of comment.

    As for me, I noticed that the information that you have on Ephraim’s descendants are quantitatively more important concerning the girls thanthe boys , and I wondered whether it was pure coincidence.

    On another note, I discovered interesting things about the Zurgosen Family. Indeed, the niece, Vera Zurgosen, held a very detailed diary of her adventurous and courageous life (taking place essentially in Switzerland and in particular in Geneva) as well as of her wedding with an Italian (broke) earl [edition from Charlotte Christeler, her granddaughter (20120) : Vera Sormanni : voyage de la vie . Récit autobiograpghique 1890-1945, Editions d’en bas, Aoste (Italy). Some extracts of the diary have been published in Switzerland and Italy, but unfortunately the chapters concerning the Russian family do not belong to the selected extracts. I’ve been in contact with the editor, and asked him if and how I could get some information on those chapters, but I am not certain that I will succeed.

    I also kept on seeking for the origins of the name “Epstein”. Diverse elements are pointing in the same directions, namely that the family comes really from Gerone in Spain as descendants of the Benveniste and Gerondi Family. I now plan to put the details of my research on this topic down on paper, and maybe to have the result translated in English.

    During this whole research, I found out that, Kathleen, the daughter of our great-uncle, Paul Raven (ex-Rabinowicz), married a man called Andrew Kerr (pictures of the ceremony are published in Paul’s book : “Deep roots and lofty branches”, 1970 and 1980). Although this last name is very common in the UK, there might be here as well some connection between our two families !

    All that being said, I sincerely hope that you are doing well and that you’ll forgive my too long silence,



    • Dear Anne-Monique, How good to hear from you! I did wonder what happened. Sorry for my short delay — I was travelling on holiday and leaving my internet strictly alone for two weeks. I have your email address so prefer to carry on to answer some of your questions directly that way. Aren’t families interesting… Best, Susan


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