With Tegetthoff at Lissa

Tegetthoff, the great admiral of the Austrian fleet. Ship’s Surgeon Ephraim Epstein was there for the famous Battle of Lissa, 20 July 1866. He wrote an account and an epic poem for which he was personally thanked by Tegetthoff, and rewarded by Emperor Franz Josef. Interested in the book With Tegettoff at Lissa: Memoirs of an Officer in the Austrian Naval Officer 1861-1866 https://amzn.to/2Oin0d6 ? You may also be interested in Dr Epstein’s account of Tegetthoff and the battle in the biographical novel, The Extraordinary Dr Epstein https://amzn.to/2OeTYeB

Both books available on Amazon in print and digital. Also click to see this page for my non-fic account of the battle of Lissa written for the newsletter of the Society for Nautical Research.