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Today, 20 July 2016, is the 150th anniversary of the famous Battle of Lissa.

45155_ObvYou’ve lived through the Battle of Lissa over the last seven posts. Now answer the quiz question below for a chance to win a signed copy of the book about the ship’s surgeon who was there.

First correct answer to reach the author via this blogsite will win a copy of The Extraordinary Dr Epstein. One to USA, one to UK. Send the answer via Reply on About the Author page HERE . Offer ends 30 July 2016. Author will contact the two winners by email; no further use will be made of your entry or email/wordpress contact given. And the question is…

Lissa was its name in 1866 when it was Austrian, what is it called now, and in what country is it now?

On the florin above is Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria. He awarded Dr Ephraim Epstein 600 florins for his poem describing the Battle of Lissa. Go here for a non-fiction page on the famous battle. Ephraim’s next 40 years are full of travels and changes… next he’s sailing the Dalmatian coast. If you don’t win or can’t wait, the novel of his true life is available on Amazon, in print to order from bookstores and through all the usual e-book channels.  


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COUNTDOWN DAY 1 to the 150th anniversary of the famous Battle of Lissa, and a chance to win a signed copy of the book about the ship’s surgeon who was there.

Ephraim M Epstein, 1829 - 1913

Ephraim M Epstein, 1829 – 1913

It was a magnificent battle, valiantly fought and won in two hours. Italian casualties ran to hundreds. Austria had only thirty-eight lost, 138 hurt. Like other naval Surgeons, Dr Ephraim Epstein combined all three branches of medicine. He was physician, diagnosing and prescribing; he was apothecary, preparing and dispensing medicine; and he was surgeon, performing operations. As he worked, Ephraim learned more about the triumph: how proud the men were of their Admiral, how he had drilled them in manoeuvers, in gunnery, how he planned the ramming. Most of all he showed he loved his men, he  believed in them. Late at night, exhausted and exhilarated by all he had witnessed, Ephraim began to compose  a description of the extraordinary day.

For a chance to win a copy of The Extraordinary Dr Epstein, answer the quiz question on Wednesday 20 July 2016.

Posts over the last week are excerpts from The Extraordinary Dr Epstein, Chapter 20, Battle. Ephraim’s epic poem about the battle won him an award from Emperor Franz Joseph. Author great granddaughter still seeks that poem! Go HERE for a non-fiction page on the famous Battle of Lissa, why it was fought, what else it is famous for and what happened next. As for Dr Epstein, his 600 florin award and many more adventures lie ahead, including true love and America’s wild West.

First clash of ironclad fleets

lissa27July 1866, the Austrian Imperial Navy races into action for a day that goes down in naval history. 150 years ago this month, it is the first warfare between ironclads, triumph although outgunned and outnumbered, ramming as a winning tactic, influence on warship design for 50 years… and Ephraim M Epstein was there.

Behind the scenes of the biographical novel, click here for a NEW page giving a non-fiction account of this famous event.